Texas residential solar contractors, electricians, and solar installers are booming. Residential solar customers are cashing in with rebates and incentives on solar panel installations, and are rewarded with long-term huge savings. Some electric utility companies are now installing solar farms to expand their own generating capacity.

Things to consider before leasing solar:

Who gets your energy tax credit or incentives
Free installations aren’t really free if you lose money
What are the true installation costs?
Grid-tied leases could later reveal major deficiencies or lack of performance

Call us to discuss before leasing with anyone

Texas off-grid Solar buuilder contractor J-Five Electric TECL 19227

Benefits of Solar

It works for decades and saves you money
Solar can protect you from rising energy costs
Solar isn’t always dependent on the utility company
You could also add wind power to solar
Solar could increase your property value
Extremely low maintenance
Clean fuel to power your home

Advantages of purchasing a solar system from an off-grid solar contractor:

We know how to size and calculate solar panel efficiencies
We generate all electric power we need every day
We can help with energy efficient appliances, insulation, electrical requirements for ALC, windows, and much more
Battery selection and generator sizing.

The owner of J-Five Electric enjoys living the offgrid lifestyle free from oil embargoes, rising energy costs, power outages, and utility company controls.

What we know

We have extensive knowledge of sizing offgrid systems
We can size a grid tie system for optimum production

What we do

Design your solar panel system for your needs
Install solar for homeowners and businesses
We can travel to your location

What we won’t do

Sell a solar system that won’t produce results
Sell low-quality, unreliable products